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J. Warren McClure Foundation
Athens Education Foundation, Inc.
25 South Plains Road
The Plains, OH  45780-0068
Voice 740-797-4544
Fax 740-797-2486

Investing in the youth of Athens

 Helping to keep the spirit of excellence in teaching and scholarship alive in the Athens City School District

Enabling Athens schools alumni and friends to give in appreciation for what they have received

Why is this education foundation unique in Athens?
Because its sole purpose is to encourage the initiative, recognize the academic achievements, and create opportunities for the advancement of Athens schools youth.

How did it begin and why?
Inspired by the belief that "he succeeds best who helps others to succeed," J. Warren McClure celebrated his 50th Athens High School Reunion with a $50,000 endowment, the interest from which produces entry-level college scholarships annually.  Since that 1987 reunion, two Athens High School seniors have received scholarships every year.

Because the endowment has grown through careful investment, starting in 1999 the foundation became able to support three $1,000 entry-level college scholarships.

How have other AHS graduates and friends been inspired and what are the results of their gifts?
The additional endowments now in place have been created variously to memorialize an individual or to fund extra-curricular experiences or awards for students at different academic levels.

Since only interest from the conservatively invested endowments is used, a minimum of $2,000 is needed to make it possible for donors to name and specify a purpose for a gift.

There are three giving categories: College Scholarship and Achievement Awards , an Educational Challenges Fund and an Opportunity Fund .
The first recognizes the achievements of selected Athens High School seniors; the second supports student projects and extra-curricular experiences from the grades through high school, and the Opportunity Fund initiated in 1997 assists AHS seniors, not college-bound, to acquire post high school training in such fields as technical, electronic, building, and service trades vital to the well-being of the community.

Fillable McClure Scholarship Application Form


We Need You to help us help Athens youth

  • enrich their education beyond classrooms
  • implement their own projects
  • explore career opportunities
  • learn by doing
  • strive for leadership roles
  • expand their native talents
  • become active good citizens
  • plan for their own future

We Need You to give as your means and interests dictate.

Time, Talent, and Teasure

All are needed to supplement our fine Athens education.

Please Consider These Needs

  • Training internships with or without stipends
  • Tuition scholarships at vocational schools
  • Enrichment via summer travel of study
  • Leadership and business programs



The volunteer foundation governors, all champions of and with personal interest in Athens schools, are eager to advance the causes of the Education Foundation in behalf of the children you and they are preparing for leadership in the Twenty-First Century.

The foundation hopes that based on your concern for Athens youth - be you AHS alumni, parents, or simply concerned citizens - you will want to help them achieve a future worthy of your hopes and their expectations.

With these thoughts in mind, the members of the board will seek ideas from and participation by the Athens community in developing and enanceing the goals of the Athens Education Foundation.

In turn, please take the inititative to bring recommendations to the board or its individual members.  We have in common a concern for all Athens youth.


  • Value the education you received from Athens schools
  • Want to help enrich opportunities for your own children
  • Believe Athens will benefit from outreach programs
  • Think local internships are a plus for your business
  • Hope Athens youth wil choose to remain in Athens



      Please consider these possibilities

      1. You can contribute any sum to any estabished fund, including the unrestricted category.
      2. With an endowment of $2,000 or more, you may name your fund and etermine the use of the interest it will generate to benefit Athens youth.
      3. Should you want to memorialize a family member or friend, you may make your own gifts and ask others tomake their gifts to any category you choose.


      The McClure Athens Education Foundation will provide you with a sample endowment form prepared by Garry E. Hunter, attorney at law, who also volunteers his services.

      The individual governors and school administrators will also respond to questions and welcome suggestions whether your are planning a gift, fielding an idea, or seeking information regarding established programs.

      What's on the McClure Menu for Athens Youth?
      From this list is anything missing you would like to see for our own or other youngsters?

      Here's what the foundation is funding NOW.

      1. College Scholarship and Achievement Awards
      2. Educational Challenges Fund
      3. The Opportunity Fund

      © 2001-2010, Athens High School, Athens City Schools, J. Warren McClure Athens Education Foundation, Inc.

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