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Li-Wei Chen | @
Dear Class of 2004,
After I left AMS in the summer 1999 you all have stayed very dear to my heart. Movin' round the country keeps one always wondering what happened after one left. This website is wonderful for me to see what my friends are still up to (e.g. Dramatics and XC team), and to contact those who stopped hard feelings yet!! I am looking to contact some seniors, if they're still around. Gordie Ruchti, your email address fouled up, and Jess Luce, I bet I can beat you in arm-wrestling now. Maybe. Anyway I'd love to hear from anyone at AHS Class of '04, especially anyone who is going to University of Illinois: Urbana. Those who are joining USMC, either through NROTC or going to Quantico, it'd be great to hear from you too. Webmasters, good job. Keep brave in these unsettling times.
Semper Fidelis,
Li-Wei Chen
NROTC Marine Option Cadet
Class of '04 FCHS, Class of '08 UIUC
31 May 2004 - Fort Collins, Colorado

Don Knox | @
Howdy from Texas.Class of 1956.
31 May 2004 - Copperas Cove,Tx

Miranda Cullums
Hey everyone i love every one who goes to Ahs its awsome but i love mrs santoni most of all!!!!!!!!!!111
22 May 2004 - Chauncey Oh

Justin Pugh
You should be able to get work you missed from here
22 May 2004 - Chauncey Ohio

  Actually, teachers will be learning to create their own web pages during their in-service day in October. They will be able to create assignment pages that we can link to from this site. Webmaster

Cody Pickett | @
I Just Wanted I think this website is Cool. School is Very Cool. Any single girls from athens high send me a email.
30 April 2004 - Chaucey Ohio

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