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John W. Easterling | @ | url
Hi there Bulldogs and Dogetts,
I was very delighted and proud to see my words posted on your hallowed site. I guess that I didn’t identify myself too well, so I just wanted to say Hi again and at least let your readers know something about me. I will not bore you and will try to not brag on myself too much.
To start, I am a graduate of the old Athens High School “up on the hill.” I graduated in the year 1953 after attending all 12 years there on that beloved hill. I stayed in Athens for several years and enlisted in the Army in 1958 In 1978 I completed twenty years service in the US Army including a tour at Kent State University in 70 and 71 and a lifetime in Vietnam during 68 and 69. After retirement from the Army, I entered school at the University of Louisville where I majored in Education. I then worked for General Electric as a Technical Writer and Instructor for three years. After this, I entered Civil Service at Fort Knox where I was a Training Specialist. I retired the second time from Civil Service in March of 2001.
John Easterling
(AKA Sonny in school. Sonny died in Vietnam and John came home.)
The strength of the pack is the wolf.
The strength of the wolf is the pack.
26 July 2005 - Radcliff, KY

Alexis Wilkins | @
wow it has been a long time since ive been back in athens. I really miss it and everyone it was some good times hope everyone is doing good c/o 2005 keep in touch i know its been a long time but i would like to hear from you guys!!!!!!!!!
20 July 2005 - new port richey FL

John W. Easterling | @
Coming Home

Athens, beautiful new buildings sprouting from every bare plot of earth with-in its city limits, how well I remember my hometown. I have not lived in Athens for many years, but my memories of our city are all good ones. I lived on Fern Street and there were many other kids that also grew up there.

Fern Street was my home for the first eighteen years of my life. There are so many memories from Fern Street that I could write an entire book on just my adventures there. Where would I start if I were to write a book? I was born in my Mother’s bed in a house that still sets there. Today as I write these words, I think there are only six of the homes left standing that once lined both sides of Fern Street. The others have been torn down to be replaced with parking lots, warehouse buildings or just vacant holes that stare out into the street that used to be alive with the shouts of playing children and their Mothers calling them home for supper or bedtime. 20 Fern Street is now converted to an apartment building.

I also remember Court Street quite well. Of course many of the old storefronts along Court Street are now Bars. I "grew up" in the place called the College Inn, now the “CI,” In those days, very few College Students went there. It was a great place for young kids and Steve and his nephew George were very tolerant of us. We could get a coke and a bowl of chili and make it last all evening. I still think about some of the good times I had there.


The strength of the pack is the wolf.
The strength of the wolf is the pack.

John W. Easterling
US Army Retired
29 June 2005 - Kentucky

Bill Green | @
All those memories on the hill...that is the Class of 66 and State Street on the hill ...the real AHS....
7 June 2005 - Dallas, TX

kenny kerr ' 66 | @ | url
This is a great website..Congrats..Grads of 2005...for the rest of..."go to your reunions and help make them better..go to others and get ideas...and wishes to all you Bulldogs..Class of 1966..our turn next year..maybe June 2006??
7 June 2005 - Back in Athens

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