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John W. Easterling | @
Hey Doggers,

I also want to invite you to come to our page and write a word or two. It is created for the class of 53, but some of you may also be the spawn of the class of 53. Click into:


The strength of the pack is the wolf.
The strength of the wolf is the pack.
19 December 2005 - Radcliff, KY

Don Kempton | @
C'mon..I see plenty of pre-80's and post-2000 entries on here. How about some 1990 graduates? I'd like to hear from my old friends since I've been on the other side of the world for 14 years!
15 September 2005 - Okinawa, Japan

Jentel | @
Yes, I called y'all roaches, but don't worry its all out of love. Besides some of y'all if not half the senior class has heard me call you a roach...or a rodent once or twice... and once or twice... I've meant it, but don't worry I still miss you all...the negative and the positive... because after all its made me who I am. I miss you guys!!! Buh-bye! Smooches!
---------Year of 2004
12 September 2005 - Columbus, Oh

Gerald L.Gilkey | @
Hello all you Bulldogs. I'm from the old school on the hill,Central school,Jr high and Highschool, All 12 years.Graduated Back in 1953.Still try to stay in touch with all my class mates on another site.been a lot of fun going the AHS .
1 August 2005 - Colorado Springs Colorado

alexis wilkins | @
hey everybody its been a long time but i would like to keep in touch with everybody and hear how everyone is doing e-mail me some time or hope to see you. I still live in FL and its nice and sunny:)I moved out and now im starting my business i get my state licence in Aug. I cant wait and I am getting married!! scarey but true he's a army man:) but very sweet man no date yet but i will let everyone know k bye for now.
30 July 2005 - FL new port richey

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