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John W. Easterling | @
Classmates Remembered

These names each time I come and read.

Not so many perhaps is true.

Yet in friends this toll is hard to pay

and pains us through and through.

All in one and in one all,

we weep for one another.

Yet did we really, really know

each Sister and each Brother?

How time does pass and slip away,

our lives they dim and shine.

We look ahead at our mortality,

and see our names in line.

Not fearing for the trip ahead

for with our God we’ll meet.

But, fearing most the things we leave,

our friends and family sweet.

But weep not for those already gone.

Their wounds have all been healed,

and with our Lord at last they rest

there, needing not their shield.

Wolf Sep 03

Gone but not forgotten:

Pattie Harper Ashworth

Shirley Brown

Barbara Carmichael Eilers

Jack Carr

Don Duncan

Richard Hall

Lewis Hawk

Larry Irwin

David Jones

Fauntelle Overly

Mark Painter

Frank Pawlusiak

Don Rosser

Don Sapp

Shirley Shaw Bean

Kenneth Shingler

James Smilie

Bill Whaley

Bonnie Whaley

Ralph Ulbrich

Robert McCammon MD

Blaine A. James, Sr

Samuel M. Buffington Jr

George W. Sands

Lloyd L. Burt

Alvin “Al” Gerald Saunders (Gerry)

Richard H. Barker

Shirley Coe Dean

Nancy Ellis Guseman

Melvin Walls

Bruce Roach

Where will the last name be posted and who will post it?

Go Bulldogs!

6 May 2012 - Radcliff, KY

Lana Weber Jeffers, AHS 1967 | @
1967 reunion October 19-21 in Athens. Contact Lana Weber Jeffers
31 March 2012 - The Plains, Ohio

Donna Zopp Roberts | @
Would have graduated with class of '75 but parents moved. Am trying to locate fellow East Side class mates and Morrison Elementary 2nd Grade
2 February 2012 - Lafayette, IN

Jo Ann Sylvester Zimpfer | @
My first opportunity to post. I love the Bull Dog site of our roots. We owe John Esterling a big thank you for that.
6 July 2011 - I live in Ocala close to where the Florida Reunion is held

Ted Wagner | @
Just checking out your web-site; I was class of '73. Have a great summer
25 May 2011 - Southern IN

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